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Cost of the exclusive weekly booking of Poplars Lake - for up to 3 anglers is £600 per party, plus a refundable £75 breakages, litter and cleaning deposit.

Cost of exclusive weekly booking on Birch Lake is £650 for up to three anglers, plus a refundable £75 breakages, litter and cleaning deposit.

Cost of exclusive booking on Eagle Lake & Peter's Pool is £650 for up to three anglers, plus a refundable £75 breakages, litter and cleaning deposit.

Cost of exclusive booking on Orchard Lake is £600 for up to two anglers, plus a refundable £75 breakages, litter and cleaning deposit.

Any number or combination of lakes can be booked with discount given, telephone us for information.

Please contact us to check availability before booking and sending in a booking form. Telephone: 00 33 299 745645 Or e-mail

All rules are in place to protect the carp and catfish and the quality of your holiday.
* A maximum of three anglers on Birch and Poplars Lake (two recommended) maximum of three on Eagle Lake and Peter's Pool, two anglers only on Orchard. Dogs are allowed, but please keep under control and dispose of any faeces.
* Large Unhooking mats are provided. With the fashion for carp cradles etc. You may also bring your own.
* No particle baits except fully-cooked sweetcorn and maize in small quantities. These must not be prepared in the mobile home or chalets.
* The use of hempseed is banned.
* STRICTLY no nuts of any description in the interests of fish welfare.
* Maximum of three rods only. An extra rod can only be used with permission of the owner
* No fishing from the designated non-fishing banks.
* When fishing Eagle Lake or Peter's Pool stay within the owners boundary.
* STRICTLY no sacking of carp or cats allowed. No retention of large catfish by way of stringers. Return carp and cats to the water as quickly as possible, supporting them in the water until they swim away.
* Micro-barbed hooks or barbless hooks only.
* No fishing in the pads on Poplars Lake.
* No permanently fixed lead rigs are to be used.
* No double hook/treble hook rigs for cats allowed.
* Landing nets of at least 42 inches.
* Baited rods should not be left unattended, although being in the next swim is acceptable.
* 20lb minimum main line strength.
* No muddy boots in the mobile home or chalets. Please leave these in the storage areas provided.
* The mobile home or chalets must be thoroughly cleaned prior to departure. Refundable deposit will be retained if this rule is not adhered to.
* No storage of fishing tackle and bait in the mobile home or chalets. Please use the tackle/bait storage facilities which are provided.
* Please park in the designated car park(s). You are allowed to drop off your equipment in your chosen swim where appropriate.
* All gates to be kept locked at all times, whether on or off the complex, and no unauthorised visitors are allowed.
* No fires.
* Bait boats are welcome and recommended at Etangs De Breton.
* No live-baits to be brought in from outside the property. These can be caught on site.
* STRICTLY no litter. Use the dustbins provided, keeping glass bottles, tins and plastic separate from general refuse.
* Drive slowly around the access track around the lakes, respecting other anglers fishing.
* Drive slowly on the access roads. We will accept no responsibility if you damage your own vehicle.
* Keep the location of the complex confidential to your party.
Departure is by 10am Saturday, no arrivals before 4pm Saturday unless by arrangement with the owner.
A booking form can be printed off here, but please check available dates by telephone before booking.